Animals have always been on the lighter side of the fashion see-saw with the designers and their needs occupying the heavier seat. The world has witnessed extreme cruelty even in recent times when hundreds of black bears are shot to use their skins to make ceremonial hats to be worn by Queen Elizabeth II’s five guards. Also in the annual Canadian seal slaughter thousands of baby harps seals are shot or bludgeoned metal looks just for fun.  These events drew criticism and negativity from animal activist alike. Since fur and animal skin was the gold mine of the fashion world so designers couldn’t replace these materials.


Animals used for delight.
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PETA has increased bans and thus cruelty-free cloths came into being. These clothes and accessories are the new trend setters of the fashion industry and the credit of all this goes to PETA who have been working with the designers to bring out this ‘new ‘Stuff.  PETA has given an alternative to the fur trade from Chinese and Indian farms. These slaughter houses produce immeasurable amount of leather and fur products.


That’s not an accessory! That’s an animal, a living, breathing animal. Is it that hard to notice?
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Tom Bihn, one such producer of alternate non cruel laptop bags and travel bags made markets and won hearts and made markets in non leather products.  Also MooShoes is another such brand that provides alternate products to eliminate leather from the market.  But besides having these alternative many fashion designers still opt for fur and leather by turning their backs at the shocking suffering undergone by the animals.


Flux can look equally good.
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The real change will come when people will say NO to cruel cloths. Like Elisabetta Canalis, who proudly said then she would go naked then to wear fur! People with this type of attitude can do the change required. What do you think? Is fur being a replaceable option should be replace or old is gold myth applies here too? Tell me in the comment section