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Lady gaga is not a stranger to the fashion world. She and her experimenting ways with her dresses always drew attention. Be it frog dress or bubble dress lady gaga knows how to generate the buzz.  Her taste in fashion gets appreciated for the freshness and at the same time it’s very sassy and bold. Her raunchy, over-the-top attitude has landed her on the list of most sought after celebrity for outstanding fashion sense.


meat suit in a meat-suit
Image courtesy: http://goo.gl/y4mE9z

This sexy avatar of lady gaga drew immense media coverage and people wondered how can one store beef like that? The answer is- that outfit which was made of Argentine beef was kept stored in a meat locker and later it was placed in chemicals. Then it was dried by a team of taxidermists for several months to get it ready for the lady herself. The dress was painted to make sure that the meat looked fresh. This is the amount of dedication that she puts in to make her look outstanding.

In another outfit lady gaga wore frogs all over and raised the bar of her fashion sense to the next level.


Cinderella pretty
Image courtesy: http://goo.gl/DK3gRX

This beautiful dress matched with perfect shoes and the hand accessory completed the GaGa look of Lady GaGa.  Another jaw dropping dress of her was the bubble dress.  That dresses with fitted with a small bubble blowing machine and it left a trail of bubbles when she stepped out in it. The machine was fitted in a while mini dress. Her fans were mesmerized with her this quirky costume.


bubble dress
Image courtesy: http://goo.gl/UNULih

This was also a unique dress which had bubbles all over it.  Another show stopper outfits that ‘Gagaed’ on her behalf.


Image courtesy: http://goo.gl/vo9fwa
Bubble Dress Part II

These are among the hundreds of wild dresses that Lady GaGa wore that made her a real fashionista in someone’s opinion and a fancy dress contestant in else’s opinion. What do you think?