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In the 19th and early 20th century, tennis players ordinarily wore long sleeved white buttoned up shirt with flannel trousers and ties. This attire presented problems for the ease of movement during the play and created discomfort to the players. As tennis boomed, so did the demand for appropriate clothing increased. Then came into existence what were known as the polo shirts and thereafter they were being used in all forms of sports soon after their invention.

From being solely used in sportswear, later on the polo look also became an integral part of the classic casual attire for men and women both. They not only provided comfort but were also considered to be stylish amongst the working professionals.

Polo shirts have now become an essential part of the wardrobe of almost every woman as they are comfortable equally trendy. The polo look can be seen to be combined with various forms of clothing that interprets the style of every individual in a unique way.

Polo shirts have become an essential part of the wardrobe (Photo Credits: http://goo.gl/EvzIrP, http://goo.gl/XaLr3J , http://goo.gl/0moc2y)

Many celebrities like Taylor Swift and Kate Middleton also used this upcoming trend in their attire and looked fabulous in this simple form of clothing. Kate Middleton on one hand, came up with a professional look in a polo neck while, Lauren Conrad William combined it with a skirt and presented a casual approach.

Taylor Swift , Lauren Conrad William and Kate Middleton in polo collar(Photo Credits: http://goo.gl/1xOofB , http://goo.gl/b8LwSI , http://goo.gl/fFkVVF)

Many designers were seen using the classic polo with various themes and styles in the Spring ready to wear RTW-2015 collection. As Ralph Lauren presented the open collar with a net skirt, making the outfit look elegant, Valentino chose a more textured fabric with a vibrant print for his theme.

Ralph Lauren, Bouchra Jarrar & Valentino in polo neck(Photo Credits: http://goo.gl/eot5Uo , http://goo.gl/PMrJZa , http://goo.gl/4Zo4F5)

Some designers presented their polo look in various fabrics, sporting a relaxed casual look while others created semi formal silhouettes with the same polo neck.

Proenza Schouler, Piazza Sempione &  A.F.Vandevorst in polo neck(Photo Credits: http://goo.gl/uj5cui , http://goo.gl/WrWXNv , http://goo.gl/zofpw1)

This trend though simple, has been influencing and inspiring established as well as budding designers to come up with new and exciting ways to play around with this look. This look has become a classic and classics never change, they just evolve with time. This trend will keep on evolving and will become a part of every woman’s comfort zone.

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Supriya Ghurye is the founder and owner of Fuel4Fashion, the virtual design studio for apparels and surface patterns that caters to new and upcoming fashion design labels with a diverse portfolio of design services. She is a member of the Cherie Blair Foundation’s Women Entrepreneurship Program and has over a decade of fashion industry experience with international labels and start-ups.