Range Planning: From Inspiration To Product For A Women’s Clothing Line


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Planning well is a job half done, the saying goes. For most professions needing creativity, it is hard to pin down a process. We don’t often know whether the inspiration comes first or the process. However, having a linear process in place is useful for those occasions when the time is short and it is imperative that you get results in a short period.

Under such circumstances, a process keeps you from losing track and helps you come up with styles that can actually work in stores.

In today’s article, we talk about range planning from start to finish- from the mood board to the final sketches. We will take you through each step and give you tips on making that step work for you, for a women’s clothing line.

1. The Inspiration:

With a whole host of fashion weeks and their accompanying streetwear trends behind us, there is no shortage of inspiration to choose from. For this collection, our theme is Modern Fairytales. In the literal sense, this theme is all about making a strong, bold statement. Empowerment is the word, as stories like Moana and Brave have shown us in recent times. Moreover, tulle as a fabric is in vogue because it is so easy to pair with absolutely anything to create a look of your own.

Pinterest is a powerful tool for gathering all of your inspiration in one place. Create a separate board for each inspiration path that you want to follow, and start gathering material around it.

2. The Moodboard:

We’re feeling whimsical, but we’re also looking at functionality. Textured earrings are just a reference point for things that are both practical and statement-making. For flowing fabrics with a hint of sheer, it is only right that we use as many pastels as possible. Flowy silhouettes and interesting detailing add to the magical feeling. The overall mood of this collection is telling a story that is aspirational and good to have. We all want to be a Disney Princess, even if it is just a little bit!


Use adjectives to describe the mood of your collection. Print them out in big, bold letters. Find reference images for the ideas you’re trying to express. You can read more about designing a moodboard here. 

3. The Colorboard:

Pastels rule the collection, and we love all shades of nature, muted just a bit. Think clouds, the sky on a damp morning, powder pinks, blues, and yellows, off-white. These colors are just about there- not too jarring, not to mute. They have a subtle, graceful voice of their own, and boy do they get heard!


Make the most of the colors you want to incorporate-choose five- and adapt them into all of your ensembles.

4. The Printboard:

What’s life without a few prints? Everyday ensembles are brought to life with a dash of prints. We’ve seen everything from doodles to emojis and retro themes find their place in the sun. For our Modern Fairytales collection, we’ve chosen stripes and checks. These linear elements help us add every day, friendly vibe to clothing and give us a chance to bring in some versatility into the collection. In fact, plain outfits are very often paired with printed ones, so you need to think carefully about what your prints represent.

Choose a print based on how it blends with your colors and ideas. For example, a floral theme for this collection would have made it too feminine, which is not what we’re looking for in everyday wear and functional designs. Likewise, you need to decide what these prints represent to you and your audience.

5. The Ensembles:

Now, if we’ve done our job well, we should have clothes! We’ve created three ensemble sketches basis our inspiration, and we feel like these designs would be run(a)way hits.

Ensemble 1 :


In the first ensemble, the focus is on creating volume at the bottom and balancing it out at the top. The pastels stand out better because of darker shades, and the ruffles make this outfit perfect for Friday workwear, lunches, evening meet-ups and even for traveling long distances.

Ensemble 2 :


The second one is a personal favorite because an asymmetric hemline is not for the faint of heart. Add peplum to the mix, and we’re taking it one notch higher. We’re thinking of a warrior-princess who conquers the world with her attitude, and of course with her clothing.

Ensemble 3 : 


The third and last image is power dressing in all its essence- stylish, comfortable and full of utility. Culottes are in- in fact, we don’t know why they took so long to take off in the first place! A culotte jumpsuit with frills is the perfect urban dream. A hoodie adds to its streetwear appeal and is very, very suggestive of Red Riding Hood. For us, this is Once Upon A Time with a generous helping of happily ever after.

Which design inspiration are you going with for your women’s wear collection?

Need a hand? Book a 30 mins free session for an in-depth consultation and help with range planning.

Supriya Ghurye is the founder and owner of Fuel4Fashion. She is a Freelance Fashion Designer and Brand Consultant helping fashion brands to create great products from idea to launch. Fuel4Fashion social links: TwitterPinterestInstagram


Adapting Streetwear Into Mainstream Fashion: The Men’s Casual Wear Edit


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This time around on the streets, it is the men that did it better. Stepping away from conventions in a variety of self-expression, we spotted everything from kimono adaptations to safari jackets, stripes, and some amazing shoes at the fashion week streets this time around.

This feature is aimed at giving you ideas across apparel categories to adapt some of these styles into your upcoming men’s casual wear collection. What we’re really excited about is that some of these outfits can translate just as they are into collections with little to no changes. For the rest of them, these suggestions across categories can help.

So, what are we waiting for, really?

1.Shirts and Vests

Key takeaways: Dark,floral, understated

The first layer of clothing this time around was suitably dark and understated to let the rest of the elements stand out. Most of the styles that caught our eye either had a black or a white t-shirt as the basis of the look. Brands looking to go down this path can also experiment with colors such as grey, deepred, tan, etc. T-shirts in a variety of colors rarely go out of style.

Another standout trend is the growing interest in men’s florals. Such patterns have often been limited to tropical shirts, but not anymore! One outfit we particularly like has a long floral shirt in black and grey. The colors themselves are very masculine, and the flowers are toned down a bit with the use of black pants and an overcoat.

2. Bottom Wear

Key takeaways: Bold, cropped, prints

We need to give it up to the men this time for starting what is definitely going to be a significant trend in trousers for years to come, and that is the cropped pant. Be it the bold, metallic fisherman’s pants in blue, or regular pants folder up well above the ankles, the men are asking for it. When it comes to trousers, it is best to keep with the trends. No one ever imagined that slim cuts and ankle pants would take off for men, but they did anyway.

For the bolder male, the idea of printed pants in graphic colors is not alien. Brands that are so inclined can experiment with comic book prints and the color of aged paper. We also saw the men’s palazzo make a comeback with an athleisure twist, so go bold with the bottom wear! 

3. Outerwear

Key takeaways:
Blends, Statement, Denim

It isn’t just the women digging denim this time around. Sporty jackets for men are a big trend, and how! For a change, these jackets are being paired with lighter colors and a look that accentuates the jacket itself. So go for those embellishments with confidence.

Speakingof accentuating the outerwear, we love how men around the world used their jackets to express their style truly. Be it toning down the flamboyance with a blazer, using a bomber jacket to brighten up the outfit, or even a statement jacket so reminiscent of 8-bit gaming, the coats are here to take the world by storm. Design them in all lengths, cuts, and material, because they’re going to be selling like hotcakes very soon.

4. Accessories

Key Takeaways:
Sneakers, outdoor, black

Well, the converse isn’t going out of business anytime soon. If you’re designing shoes to go with your collection, it is worth exploring at least one option that resembles a sneaker. We also saw quite a few black boots going around, in a throwback to the blue-collar workers of the industrial era.

One common theme is hard to miss- everyone is looking for comfort. With cities in expansion mode, the distances people cover by foot on any given day is a few miles, at least. It makes sense, then, to wear closed toe boots that are made for hitting the footpath. Function over form is the new norm in footwear design. We’d go so far as to offer unisex options that are much more functionaland can attract a broader audience base.

Don’t you just love the men’s streetwear styles? We know we do! Which other trends did you notice on the streets? Tell us in the comments.

Supriya Ghurye is the founder and owner of Fuel4Fashion. She is a Freelance Fashion Designer and Brand Consultant helping fashion brands to create great products from idea to launch. Fuel4Fashion social links: TwitterPinterestInstagram

Adapting Streetwear Into Mainstream Fashion: The Women’s Casual Wear Edit


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Streetwear is taking the world by storm, and there may just come a time when it is impossible to find casual clothing without at least one street motif. In keeping with this newfound preference for all things street, designers are finding new and exciting ways to incorporate elements from streetwear into casual wear all around the world.

As a designer, is this what you’re trying to do as well? If so, this article is for you. We show you how different streetwear trends can be adapted into clothing items to design a collection.

The basic form and flow will give priority to casual wear, in keeping with the theme of this article and the fact that casual wear is one of the most highly sold collections anywhere in the world. The adapted elements will focus on streetwear trends as seen at the recently concluded fashion weeks.

1.    Top wear:

Key takeaways: Bold prints, ruffles, utility

Casual wear is supposed to be comfortable first. In keeping with this need, loose silhouettes are still here to stay especially when it comes to tops. On the streets this year, we saw some improvements made to the top as we know it. Interesting necklines and ruffles dominated the scene, but heavy prints were not far behind either.

For the first layer, both bralettes and mesh tops are an option. For those wanting sheer but not in the form of a mesh, translucent tops with organza and silk, done up with ruffles, add a feminine touch to the outfit.

For those layering up for the streets, chequered shirts, boyfriend jackets and bomber jackets in bright colors are all options. A chequered short can be used for covering up without feeling too warm, while a bright bomber jacket can brighten up a casual evening outfit to the mall.

2.    Dresses and Jumpsuits

Key takeaways: Gingham, form over length, loose and boxy

Dresses in gingham prints and sport style cuts are in this season. The length of the dress itself has taken a back seat, and more priority is given to the flow of the outfit. If a longer dress looks better, then so be it!

Drawing inspiration from the street scene are ruffles and boxy dresses. We saw a lot of boxy clothing on the runways this year, and what happened off of them is also reflective of people’s need for not being smothered by their clothes. Moreover, a boxy silhouette is much more forgiving, thus setting the stage for changing ideas about the ‘ideal body type.’

Those adding dresses to the collection can also think of exploring coordinates as an option. Coord clothing is stylish, offers scope for mixing and matching and can be bought together or as separates, making your collection that much richer. When in doubt, always include a jumpsuit.

3.    Bottom Wear

Key Takeaways: Flowy, denim, key detailing

The Levi’s X Justin Timberlake collection is proof that denim is the one thing that can forever keep coming back onto the fashion scene. The versatile fabric holds form exceptionally well, which is perhaps why one with a boxy top may choose a skinny pair of jeans to accentuate the outfit a bit more. The flower-power era trend of denim-on-denim is back as well, so it is time to bring out some jackets and shirts in denim as well.

Speaking of versatility, a flowing skirt is in demand too. Catching the subway train in a pencil skirt has finally frustrated people to the point where they want nothing more than to let it go. A skirt like this works as well with a cropped top as it does with a full shirt.

Those opting for outfits with form are choosing key detailing to go on the bottom wear that adds an extra element of both oomph and comfort to the outfit. Thigh high slits are not about sass anymore, and instead, have everything to do about striding through the footpaths of busy cities. Interestingly, we saw very few shorts on the streets this time around, perhaps in a bit to explore bottom wear options beyond the most ubiquitous.

If you’re designing your collections right now, which of these elements have you already managed to include? Which ones do you see scope for implementing even mid-design?

If you haven’t started yet, which trends would you like to pick up? Tell us in the comments below.

Supriya Ghurye is the founder and owner of Fuel4Fashion. She is a Freelance Fashion Designer and Brand Consultant helping fashion brands to create great products from idea to launch. Fuel4Fashion social links: TwitterPinterestInstagram


The Growing Market For Streetwear Trends in 2019


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Now that we’ve put major fashion events behind us, it is time to get back to business as usual!

One common theme that stood out at Fashion Weeks this year is the adaptation of streetwear trends and motifs into what is typically high-end or luxury fashion. For example, Miu Miu experimented with colors that are usually considered outdoor. Around the globe, streetwear is translating into more than just athleisure, and in keeping with that, our November blogs explore how streetwear can be adapted into clothing lines.

Why? Because, from Louis Vuitton to H&M, everyone is going to the streets. Streetwear is highly adaptable, which is what makes its appeal so universal. And, streetwear is a way to make a powerful statement.

Remember, when it comes to influence as strong as streetwear, it is best to choose one or two elements and incorporate them into clothes than to go all out and design something that can only be worn to a Zumba class.

Street wear fashion seen during Fashion Week Spring Summer 2019

Photos: Phil Oh – Vogue

Without further ado, here are five streetwear trends that we are absolutely digging, both for their aesthetic value and for the business value they bring to the table.

  1. Neutrals: Let’s start with some color or the lack of it in this case. Traditionally, streetwear has usually been dark, with bright accents in the form of a pocket patch or a bright shoe. However, in a nod to the high-flying millennials who are always on the go, streetwear is manifesting in colors such as whites, off-white, beige and tan. These colors are not just inconspicuous, they’re also easy to carry straight from a walk to a meeting.

In keeping with this trend, explore bomber jackets and loose pants in muted colors. We also recommend giving sweaters in these colors a try for those cities that need protection from all year long.

  1. Bold Branding: This is the year of prints, and not just any prints. Brands that have a reasonable standing are making the most of fully printed outfits. The essence of streetwear is bold, loud expression which stems from a need for acceptance and a sense of community.

How can new brands leverage this trend? For one, out your logo front and center. Another aspect to explore in design is using your brand’s standard colors in your clothing as well. Be very careful while adapting this trend, as no one likes to be a walking billboard for someone else. However, if the end product looks stylish, people will lap them up this season.

  1. Going Military: Some prints and styles just keep making a comeback every few years. In a way, these trends and pieces are timeless and add value to everyone’s collection. In streetwear, military prints and colors take the cake. Camouflage is not everyone’s cup of it, but it definitely makes a very bold statement.

A general rule of thumb when adapting trends like these is to remember that such prints usually attract a very niche audience who like, or have experimented with, these trends before. If you want to sell to a larger group, think in terms of fragmenting the trend a bit. Explore tank tops with camo detailing on the side, or a semi-formal shirt with camouflage prints at the collar and cuffs. Likewise, diversify the colors in the collection a bit with olives, muted blues, and even flat whites.

  1. Gingham Gone Wild: Gingham, in its broadest interpretation, is checks. No one would look at the classic red and white prints and think of them as streetwear, but think of a checked shirt, and you know you’re on the right track.

Checks from the street are getting a fresh new upgrade with full outfits being designed in these patters. Think a formal peplum skirt, but with green and white checks. A dinner jacket with bigger checks ticks all the right boxes for a semi-formal event. In fact, we’re just waiting for the big entertainment events of the year to see some of these trends in action on celebs. After that, becoming mainstream is just a matter of time.

  1. The Hoodies Are Back: Love them or hate them, there’s just something so comfortable about a hoodie! Summers scream for sleeveless ones thrown over, while winters could definitely use some detailing and bulk. A hoodie is the quintessential hip-hop costume, along with ankle boots. This year, the hoodies are in fashion again. Go bright with the colors, or do even bolder ones in varying lengths and cuts.

Everyone is buying a hoodie, so do you have enough options and colors to please all of them?

  1. Cropped Out: When ankle pants made a splash a year ago, we knew that cropped ones were just a matter of time. Cropped pants were a huge hit on men at all fashion week street edits, and nude and earthy tones are here to stay. You can design cropped pants that don’t make people look like a hobbit- think clean seams and a slightly relaxed fit.

These are some of the streetwear trends we see being adapted into casual and formalwear for all genders this coming season. How many of these did you anticipate? Which of these surprised you? Tell us in the comments below.

Supriya Ghurye is the founder and owner of Fuel4Fashion. She is a Freelance Fashion Designer and Brand Consultant helping fashion brands to create great products from idea to launch. Fuel4Fashion social links: TwitterPinterestInstagram



Milan vs. Paris Fashion Week Spring Summer 2019 : The Clash Of The Titans


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While London and New York are known more for the versatility and styles from several designers, the hallowed halls of Milan and Paris are almost exclusively reserved for high fashion. Several designers come to showcase their collections here, too, but it is often the big names that get the spotlight and the attention that comes with it.

Comparing fashion trends from two events as diverse as the Milan Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week is no small feat. For one, both events attract a very different audience, and the collections, therefore, vary greatly.

Milan Fashion Week Trend comparison with Paris Fashion Week Spring Summer 2019

There’s a reason why Issey Miyake brought his collection to Paris but not to Milan- his styles are more suited to the cosmopolitan outlook and no-nonsense attitude that dominates Paris. Likewise, we cannot possibly imagine Milan without Dior- the temple of fashion has been the brand’s second, more accepting home for a long time.

Without further ado, let us plunge right into the fashion trends from both events, and which one did what better.

  1. The styles: There are no two European cities that are in as stark a contrast to each other as Paris and Milan. Take the simple skirt, for example. In Milan, the preferences clearly tended towards the pencil variant, while Paris, true to its breezy essence, saw more of the flow variants. Case in point- Miu Miu in Paris and Moschino in Milan.
  1. The collections: Milan has always been known for its dance with glamour. The SS19 collections were ample proof of this yet again. Paris, on the other hand, has always had this peculiar relationship with all things artistic. Designs at Paris, likewise, were elegant, chic and comfortable to pull off outside of a runway setting.
  1. The form: The showcase at Milan this year was distinctly feminine. The outfits, even the flowy ones from Gucci, had at least one element that highlighted form. This isn’t so strange considering Milan is known for fashion of the feminine kind- to the point where almost all designs have to conform to the idea of the gender’s appeal. Paris is very laid-back in terms of highlighting one aspect over another. Also, as the last big fashion event of the season, it naturally tends to attract more diverse designs.
  1. The risk factor: This year, in our opinion, fewer risks were taken in Milan than in Paris. This isn’t to say that it was boring, but there’s no denying the fact that most designs went after the usual styles with a few modifications. Paris was where more styles appeared, and more risks were taken, but not always with the desired outcomes. Some collections fell quite flat, as we’ve pointed out in the Paris Fashion Week Design Trends article.

Which fashion week would we pick over the other? Turns out the choice isn’t as easy for us as it was with New York vs. London. We loved the sheer grandeur of some of the outfits at Milan, while the breezy simplicity of Paris stood out for us as well. If we were really forced to pick, purely from the fashion business perspective, we’d certainly go with Paris. We saw more styles there that have scope for adapting into sets and separates. We also look for trends that have a chance to last longer, and that came through for us at Paris.

Your turn now! What did you love, or hate, about the two extra-big fashion events of the year? Which one did you follow for design inspiration? Tell us in the comments.

Supriya Ghurye is the founder and owner of Fuel4Fashion. She is a Freelance Fashion Designer and Brand Consultant helping fashion brands to create great products from idea to launch. Fuel4Fashion social links: TwitterPinterestInstagram


New York vs. London Spring Summer 2019: Which Fashion Week Did It Better?


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Fashion trends are as fleeting as the lovely vase of roses at home that holds so much promise on day one, only to give up entirely on day three. However, isn’t that what we love? The sheer variety that each season brings to the runway is outdone only by the street styles that are so often on display.

New York and London fashion Weeks are no different. They’re well behind us now, but there are a few key fashion trends we can garner from both. At the same time, both events were also reflective of the current mood of the city they were hosted in- New York went bold and inclusive, while London did subtlety and understatement very well. Without further ado, here’s what we liked and disliked about both events.

What We Liked:  

  1. The colors: Both Prabal Gurung at New York Fashion Week and Victoria Beckham at London Fashion Week did not shy away from amping up the color palette just a little bit. We loved Gurung’s interpretation of colors into some very tropical designs. Mrs. Beckham, on the other hand, brought some much-needed pop of color to the Londoner’s wardrobe. Are we seeing a cultural shift here?
  1. Gender benders: We noticed a lot of designs in the New York Fashion Week that could have done just as well on men as they looked on the women. Androgyny is not a new concept, but this is the first time we’re seeing possibilities for the men as well. London, on the other hand, was much more conservative, and the surprises came mostly in the form of a versatile collection from traditionally niche designers like Burberry.
  1. A touch of the new: We still stand by the fact that New York, as a city, is much more expressive than London. Perhaps, as a result, New York’s runways were dominated by elements beyond the visual. Dresses with sound details such as the Paco Rabanne collection took the drama one notch up. That’s one way to get noticed, we think. London, however, lacked such standout elements and more collections were geared towards the practical elements such as wearability.
  1. Utility: Actual utility was high on every designer’s list at London. We attribute it to the economy that is floundering back to stability after Brexit, and really has no use for outrageousness. We spotted many more complete outfits in patterns that are far easier to carry off on the street as much as at an event.
  1. The return of high fashion: Inspired by the royal wedding, several designers at London have gone after high-street dressing. Christopher Kane’s collection of classic, high-neck silhouettes is just one example. Erdem, too, followed suit.
  1. Making everyday look beautiful: In contrast to London’s current demand for royal-wedding-worthy dresses, New York saw a spate of clothes that would be perfect wherever they’re taken. Both Tadashi Shoji and Rebecca Minkoff are proof of that.

All in all, while we loved certain aspects of both Fashion Weeks, there is no denying the fact that New York was higher on the fashion and versatility aspects, while London fared better on the usability of looks. That’s why we love back-to-back fashion events- they give us a chance to take the best from both worlds (or cities, in this case).

What We Disliked:  

We’re just glad that this was one season where the dislikes were far fewer and scattered in between some really stunning hits.

In both fashion weeks, we noticed a clear lack of usable accessorizing. When it did exist, it was sparse and barely noticeable. A great look can be trashed by the wrong accessory. Another aspect where we expected better was the scope for using a variety of different fabrics. Some designers managed to do this and excelled with some very good results (like Naeem Khan at NYFW and David Coma at LFW). But, there was scope to do so much more, as you’ll see from our Spring Summer trend forecast. 

However, that’s all we could find to complain about, and that in itself is saying something, isn’t it?

Supriya Ghurye is the founder and owner of Fuel4Fashion. She is a Freelance Fashion Designer and Brand Consultant helping fashion brands to create great products from idea to launch. Fuel4Fashion social links: TwitterPinterestInstagram



The Big Hits And Glaring Misses From Paris Fashion Week Spring Summer 2019


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We’re finally winding up the whirlwind of fashion events that seem to have occupied our collective attention over the last two months. As the last show of the season, expectations ran high from Paris Fashion Week. Some of our favorite designers didn’t disappoint, while others did just that, and glaringly so.

In today’s article, we discuss the seven designer collections we absolutely loved- both for their vision and easy adaptability. We also present a few misses.

  1. Elie Saab: Summer is coming in nice and bright, and Elie Saab at Paris Fashion Week is proof of that. We love the lace details that make summer dresses that much more elegant. Take special note of the use of several different fabrics and accents- a sign of the demanding times to come in fashion. Are you ready to design both workwear and off-time casuals?

Paris Fashion Week Spring Summer 2019 showcasing Elie Saab collection

  1. Givenchy: Givenchy has set new standards for how formal wear must look. Those suits are the very definition of power dressing. We particularly love the use of the silhouette itself to design clothes- it has been a long time since every piece of clothing has not been designed for a mannequin. High waist, big belts, ruffles, full sleeves- all, check.

Paris Fashion Week Spring Summer 2019 showcasing Givenchy collection

  1. Hermes: The famous fashion house’s Paris collection has received mixed reviews, to say the least. We, however, think the collection has a huge adaptability factor. The jackets and overcoats are almost ubiquitous in nature, and we love ourselves a leather pair of shorts. Whether you like the collection or you don’t, you have to admit that a niche choice of fabric has never been this stylish and universal.

Paris Fashion Week Spring Summer 2019 showcasing Hermes collection

  1. Issey Miyake: Miyake is not known for being shy about self-expression. From the villages of Japan (if they still exist) to the modern cities, this year’s collection draws inspiration from every corner of the small yet influential country. The clever choice of colors and fabric lend themselves well to the theme- you know that green coat is meant for the cities. We’re also glad to see flowy pants making a reappearance. God knows we need more of them.

Paris Fashion Week Spring Summer 2019 showcasing Issey Miyake collection

  1. Louis Vuitton: Shockingly, LV has received negative to mixed reviews for their Paris Fashion Week show. While we’re disappointed with the general lack of novelty and the brand playing it too safe, we do love some of the dresses. The blue one, for example, starts off as street-style and ends with a clean hemline. Surely an inspiration for designers to try something a tad bit different with their collection.

Paris Fashion Week Spring Summer 2019 showcasing Louis Vuitton collection

  1. Miu Miu: Formal wear is all set to look different, and Miu Miu is leading the revolution. There’s no denying the fact that this collection is not meant for the faint of heart. But then again, the average Parisienne is not known for being that! Miu Miu has experimented quite elaborately with animal prints, sheer and denim, and we love their use of fabric in so many different ways.

Paris Fashion Week Spring Summer 2019 showcasing Miu Miu collection

  1. Valentino: Most of Valentino’s dresses look like the inspiration for next year’s Met Gala, and that isn’t such a bad thing. For retailers, the key takeaway would be the use of pleats to create form without making them overtly obvious. For everyone else, there is the sheer gorgeousness of the dresses to look at. We can envision some of them as separates- they’d fly off the shelves for sure!

Paris Fashion Week Spring Summer 2019 showcasing Valentino collection

Unfortunately for Paris, it wasn’t all roses. Chanel’s collection came under severe criticism for sheer lack of originality, and we can’t help but agree. Balmain, taking inspiration from a theme they probably didn’t quite understand, tried to go Egyptian and instead ended up all over the place. Perhaps the most disappointing of all was Stella McCartney. After receiving huge media attention post the royal wedding, she couldn’t find a way to make the spotlight work for her and try something new.

But with all misses, we are grateful for these too, because they teach us even more about the consumer’s expectations and how we can stand out.

Supriya Ghurye is the founder and owner of Fuel4Fashion. She is a Freelance Fashion Designer and Brand Consultant helping fashion brands to create great products from idea to launch. Fuel4Fashion social links: TwitterPinterestInstagram


The Home Of Haute Couture: Design Highlights From Milan Fashion Week Spring Summer 2019


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Move over New York and London- Milan has just made its most iconic fashion splash yet. There’s something about the spunky vibe of Milan, on and off its runways, that has made this the destination to watch when keeping an eye out for the bigger fashion houses. We think there’s a lot to be learned and implemented from the Dior and Versace of the world, and being one-of-a-kind is just one of them.

Here’s a compilation of designers and clothes we loved the most at Milan this year. Designers with ambition, take note.

  1. Gucci: When Gucci makes a statement, heads turn. Almost singlehandedly, Gucci took clothing from overtly suggestive to plain old, yet standout styles. One look at the whites and tans paired with signature motifs shows us that some fashion houses are more about subtle experimentation than others. The sleeves are the ones standing tall this time around.

Milan Fashion Week Spring Summer 2019 showcasing Gucci collection

  1. Christian Dior: When Dior’s in love with mesh, we know that the trend is here to stay. Casual is the name of the game for SS19, and what better way to do it than with one element in each outfit that grabs attention? We particularly love the understated elegance of the models themselves, allowing us to see outfits as they should be. We could take that blue top right there and think of ten different bottoms we can pair it with, using items already in the wardrobe. Now, that is versatility.

Milan Fashion Week Spring Summer 2019 showcasing Christian Dior collection

  1. Fendi: Fendi is one brand that knows how to have fun in the subtlest of ways. The Milan SS19 runway was full of looks ideal for the workplace, and even better for drinks after. These are clothes you can take to meetings and to holidays with equal panache. Peplum gets a new definition that the world will soon come to love, and we’re not complaining about the very versatile handbag/ phone holder/ fanny pack accessory either. In fact, give us just that.

Milan Fashion Week Spring Summer 2019 showcasing Fendi Collection

  1. Emporio Armani: Armani gets a bit of a ‘not-so-couture’ rep, we think, because of the number of cheap fakes doing the rounds the world over. Imitation is the best form of flattery, so it is safe to assume that everyone adores this label. One look at the shiny jackets that imitate everything from animal skin to a backpack shows us that Giorgio Armani has the uncanny talent for drawing inspiration from just about everything and turning it into some gorgeously wearable works of art.

Milan Fashion Week Spring Summer 2019 showcasing Emporio Armani collection

  1. Missoni: It was a relief to see Missoni on the runway, partly because of the dresses that are everyday-casual, and mostly because of the mesh detail done differently. When you’ve had too much mesh, turn to Missoni for some fashionable relief. The careful placement of prints and flowy silhouettes are made for the modern day Bohemian.

Milan Fashion Week Spring Summer 2019 showcasing Missoni collection

  1. Roberto Cavalli: What’s with the free-spirited vibes, everyone! Fashion labels always channel the mood of the season, and going by the Cavalli designs, 2019 looks like an excellent year for travel and exploration. Mirror work is not a Middle-Eastern trend alone anymore and can be adapted in the most diverse of ways. For those looking for more subtle statements, foil prints are in, too.

Milan Fashion Week Spring Summer 2019 showcasing Roberto Cavalli collection

  1. Max Mara: Add Max Mara to the list of formal wear collections we absolutely love. The pants are getting shorter, keeping in mind the very diverse jobs that women today hold. These outfits are meant for action in the boardroom. The frills, the colors, the polka dots, the statement belts…we could just go on and on with the little details from this collection that everyone can find a way to adapt into their designs.

Milan Fashion Week Spring Summer 2019 showcasing Max Mara collection

  1. Moschino: As the ‘LOVE MOSCHINO’ bags prove, this is one label that is not afraid to stand out every single time. And so it is with the Milan Fashion Week Collection. Why say jackets need to be held together with buttons alone? That red dress is going to make a lot of red carpet appearances soon, and a bralette in lace? Yes, please! Moschino’s prints are so commonplace yet so hard to replicate. Standing out and blending in, both are done right in this collection.

Milan Fashion Week Spring Summer 2019 showcasing Moschino collection

  1. Versace: Swearing allegiance by florals, Versace has a whole new take on them. Out go embroidered flowers, and in they come in black instead. A base of bright colors adds a significant contrast to a collection that otherwise risks fading out. Versace is known for exploring a woman’s sensuality like no other designer ever can, and the lace camisoles and thigh-high slits, artfully covered in long jackets, prove that point once again.

Milan Fashion Week Spring Summer 2019 showcasing Versace collection

  1. Sportmax: A trip to the Hamptons next year is going to be woefully incomplete without at least one piece from the Sportmax collection. These clothes are what you wear when you head off to a game of golf, or lounging by the beach. Some of the elements like the sleeves are clearly drawn from Scuba gear, while others are more suited to cocktails and sunset. Either way, being outdoors is not going to be the same anymore, and you don’t have to play a sport to be part of the game.

Milan Fashion Week Spring Summer 2019 showcasing Sportmax collection

  1. Salvatore Ferragamo: The colors of the outdoors are well-represented in the SS19 collection from the house of Ferragamo. These are beiges and tans that have been carefully chosen to represent the outdoors in as understated manner as possible. Paired with tropical prints in similar shades, it works magic simply by complementing the wearer’s skin tone beautifully.

Milan Fashion Week Spring Summer 2019 showcasing Salvatore Ferragamo collection

  1. Dolce & Gabbana: Occasion wear has been done right with D&G once again. Here’s one design house that is loud, and unabashedly so. Operatic themes are evident, as are carnivals. Suits in gold and silver are most definitely gothic, as are doodle prints with lace. Channeling a bit of the dark side are the corsets and fringes, both of which remind us of Hotel California. With that collection, D&G takes a bow like no other house managed to this time around.

Milan Fashion Week Spring Summer 2019 showcasing Dolce and Gabbana collection

Which of these designers did you absolutely love? What are some details that you’ll be taking away from Milan and into your collections? Tell us in the comments.

Supriya Ghurye is the founder and owner of Fuel4Fashion. She is a Freelance Fashion Designer and Brand Consultant helping fashion brands to create great products from idea to launch. Fuel4Fashion social links: TwitterPinterestInstagram


Ruffles, Florals and Jewel Tones: Updates From London Fashion Week Spring Summer 2019


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Before we state anything else, let us say this- cherry red is the new color of the season for SS 19. When Prada and Salvatore Ferragamo go overboard with it, we know there’s good reason to start using it in our collections too.

Which brings us to the other thing we love about London Fashion Week in general, and this year in particular. Unlike the clean-cut lines and definitions of other showcases, LFW is all about leveling the playground and providing equal opportunity to both established designers and newcomers alike. This is why so many new trends come forth here- it is just a different perspective.

Here are some key lessons from LFW that all retailers can follow:

  1. Bending, not breaking the rules: Halpern Quinn is all about sequins, but other shiny things can follow suit as well. Burberry is known for their iconic checks, but they can be adapted. Brands are very conscious about moving away from their statements entirely, but they do know how to play within the boundaries and create something unique. In fact, this is what sets a good brand apart from the rest- the ability to see itself with stark clarity.
  1. A touch of nostalgia: New doesn’t always mean doing away with the old. For Victoria Beckham who marked a decade of her collection at both NYFW and LFW, the choice was clear. Nostalgia in motifs and elements can be an excellent way to rehash an old collection and make something new and spectacular.
  1. Not too streety: Street styles are great- they’re comfortable, cozy and very easy to maintain. However, fashion houses at LFW disagree. They did their best to take clothing away from the streets and into couture without losing the very aspects that make street-style so desirable. Looks like the time has come to put street-style and athleisure together, and let the good clothes be as they are.
  1. The loud colors: A Londoner, until yesterday, would never be caught in a bright coat. Indeed, a black or a tan overcoat is a wardrobe staple that never goes wrong. Blame it on the political circumstances in the world, but everyone wants to express themselves today. True to London style (where coats, let’s admit it, are needed ten months in a year), the overcoats are getting brighter and chirpier, not to mention bolder. Yep, time to get spotted on the Underground.
  1. The full look: Not so long ago, the real intent behind a fashion week was to showcase individual pieces, heavily dressed up. Patrons would then face the challenge of taking the different elements and creating their own looks with them. Either people are bored in general, or online shopping has done its bit, but shoppable looks are all the rage this season. You might do well to design a collection with a few different complete looks than to leave it to the consumer to mix-and-match. Fashion as a form of self-expression is, for one, giving up the hot seat to fashion for comfort and speed.

Meanwhile, we’re not done yet! What is a fashion week if we don’t give you the lowdown on the designers we loved, and hopefully you did too? Here are a few that stood out.

  1. J.W.Anderson: One of the few street-styles we saw on the runway, and yet, here’s a collection that manages to look so chic! We’re in the same league as mesh any day, and we know it is good when we have these looks for a company.

J W Anderson runway looks from London Fashion Week Spring Summer Collection 2019

  1. Christopher Kane: Form meets high fashion in this collection for so many different body types. We can already see the boxy mini dress on a tall woman, and the warrior suit is a must-have for the power dresser who makes a statement at work and the after-party.

Christopher Kane runway looks from London Fashion Week Spring Summer Collection 2019

  1. Burberry: We’d die of nostalgia if we didn’t spot at least one piece in the Burberry collection with the trademark lines and colors. Luckily for us also, Burberry is going experimental- with colors and form. Needless to say, this is one work wear collection people will be waiting for. The proof is in the reinterpreted animal prints.

Burberry runway looks from London Fashion Week Spring Summer Collection 2019

  1. David Coma: Never one to shy away from bold silhouettes, this one. Can just a juxtaposition of black and white give rise to such stunning outfits for work and beyond? David Coma’s collection proves that it indeed can. We love that cutout details are making a comeback. Nostalgia, anyone?

David Koma runway looks from London Fashion Week Spring Summer Collection 2019

  1. Erdem: Making a point on the shoppable looks we mentioned above, Erdem’s collection is one that you can walk off the runway and onto the streets in. We love the high-waisted pants so reminiscent of a tuxedo, and the more feminine outfits with stunning details. The fascinators, we’d probably save for the next royal wedding.

Erdem runway looks from London Fashion Week Spring Summer Collection 2019

  1. Victoria Beckham: posh spice meets everyday woman, and that’s where Beckham’s magic lies. Her clothes are as easy to pull off as they are elegant, and that’s why we’re rooting for them.

Victoria Beckham runway looks from London Fashion Week Spring Summer Collection 2019

  1. Mary Katrantzou: Bohemian prints have the uncanny ability of looking good on all clothes. Mary’s collection is perfect for workwear as separates, and to the Met Gala alike.

Mary Katrantzou runway looks from London Fashion Week Spring Summer Collection 2019

Which of these business trends do you see as easy to adapt for your brand? Tell us in the comments below.

Supriya Ghurye is the founder and owner of Fuel4Fashion. She is a Freelance Fashion Designer and Brand Consultant helping fashion brands to create great products from idea to launch. Fuel4Fashion social links: TwitterPinterestInstagram


The Fashion Business Epiphanies We Garnered From New York Fashion Week Spring Summer 2019


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The recently concluded edition of the New York Fashion Week held not so many design surprises as it did business lessons. It is only natural, then, that we wanted to do a feature right away!

Fashion is a form of expression- there’s a reason why people buy so loyally from the brands they love. This applies to all strata of the fashion society. People love their labels as much as they enjoy the ease and comfort of label-less, brand-less clothing. And that’s what NYFW was all about- shunning the label in favor of the individual.

Here, we deconstruct eight ideas from NYFW SS’19 that are worth exploring in your own fashion business.

  1. The Return Of The Self: Colors to make you feel better, shapes and silhouettes to help you feel safe- clothing is now about your mood. You may remember from one of our earlier features that color is a huge determinant of how we feel and how we express this to the world outside. A similar idea was extensively visible in the designs of Prada and Givenchy.
  1. Landmark Collections: Ralph Lauren turns fifty. Fifty years of bringing enhanced sports fashion to mainstream shows. Emotions ran high at NYFW, but what we took away is the message that sportswear is becoming the new casual wear. Looks that respect this notion will go very far.
  1. Tailoring Done Differently: Was it only yesterday that form and fit were the fashion buzzwords to look out for? Well, both form and fit are on holiday at NYFW, and the focus is instead on comfort and function. Not surprising, considering the urban commuter who moves around so much, and people’s general lack of interest in buying pieces that only ever sit in the wardrobe.
  1. Feminine Goes Fierce: This year, even the more conventionally minded designers shifted their focus to clothing that made a stronger statement. Case in point- Brock Collection. Their collection is so much more refined and represents strength, inside and out.
  1. Subtlety Over Statement: While everyone is busy making a statement, The Row toned it down. This is a potent message for fashion houses designing their collections right about now. Sometimes, in a world that is screaming statements, not making any statement at all may just be the most powerful way to go about anything.
  1. Nostalgia: Perhaps the harshness of the world we live in today, with its myriad issues and its elected leaders, is making us fond of the services, army, and even the eighties! Junya Watanabe and Isabel Marant both took this nostalgia and channeled it into something beautiful.
  1. Beyond Visual: The tink-tink of Paco Rabanne’s dress collection proved, yet again, that there’s no end to innovation in fashion. Auditory stimuli aren’t the first thing you’d associate with a dress, but they need not be the last either. We’re not rooting for squeaky shoes and hopefully, haven’t descended to dresses that play songs, but as long as the sound is pleasant to hear, why not!
  1. The Return Of The Unisex: There’s no way to know how much of it is because of a movement, and how much merely a factor of comfort, but clothing collections are no longer split along gender lines. Case in point- all of the designers who exhibited their collections for men and women at the same time, on the same stage. Come to think of it, why doesn’t love a multipurpose piece?

The looks we loved from New York Fashion Week SS’19: 

  1. Mara Hoffman: We love a designer with a voice, and what a statement voice she has! We love her easy whites, stand-out silhouettes and statement florals.

Mara-Hoffman runway looks from New York Fashion Week Spring Summer Collection 2019

  1. Marc Jacobs: elegance never goes out to style, and neither do high collars and breezy cuts suggestive of the elite. Culottes can be statement pieces too, if you know how to stitch them.

Marc Jacobs runway looks from New York Fashion Week Spring Summer Collection 2019

  1. Naeem Khan: contemporary has never been this classic. Spaghetti dresses and high collars meet more modern ideas of prints and embellishments in this highly versatile collection.

Naeem Khan runway looks from New York Fashion Week Spring Summer Collection 2019

  1. Prabal Gurung: did we say pops of colour? Prada is not left alone on that count, what with Prabal Gurung joining in. We love the bright shades sure to make any day better.

Naeem Khan runway looks from New York Fashion Week Spring Summer Collection 2019

  1. Rebecca Minkoff’s collection is perfect for a statement workwear.

Rebecca Minkoff runway looks from New York Fashion Week Spring Summer Collection 2019

  1. Tadashi Shoji: a master of the feminine, if there was one. Also one of the few collections we spotted this season with animal prints. They’re not going out of style anytime soon.

Tadashi Shoji runway looks from New York Fashion Week Spring Summer Collection 2019

Which of these ideas will you use as inspiration for your next collection? Tell us in the comments.

Supriya Ghurye is the founder and owner of Fuel4Fashion. She is a Freelance Fashion Designer and Brand Consultant helping fashion brands to create great products from idea to launch. Fuel4Fashion social links: TwitterPinterestInstagram