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This time around on the streets, it is the men that did it better. Stepping away from conventions in a variety of self-expression, we spotted everything from kimono adaptations to safari jackets, stripes, and some amazing shoes at the fashion week streets this time around.

This feature is aimed at giving you ideas across apparel categories to adapt some of these styles into your upcoming men’s casual wear collection. What we’re really excited about is that some of these outfits can translate just as they are into collections with little to no changes. For the rest of them, these suggestions across categories can help.

So, what are we waiting for, really?

1.Shirts and Vests

Key takeaways: Dark,floral, understated

The first layer of clothing this time around was suitably dark and understated to let the rest of the elements stand out. Most of the styles that caught our eye either had a black or a white t-shirt as the basis of the look. Brands looking to go down this path can also experiment with colors such as grey, deepred, tan, etc. T-shirts in a variety of colors rarely go out of style.

Another standout trend is the growing interest in men’s florals. Such patterns have often been limited to tropical shirts, but not anymore! One outfit we particularly like has a long floral shirt in black and grey. The colors themselves are very masculine, and the flowers are toned down a bit with the use of black pants and an overcoat.

2. Bottom Wear

Key takeaways: Bold, cropped, prints

We need to give it up to the men this time for starting what is definitely going to be a significant trend in trousers for years to come, and that is the cropped pant. Be it the bold, metallic fisherman’s pants in blue, or regular pants folder up well above the ankles, the men are asking for it. When it comes to trousers, it is best to keep with the trends. No one ever imagined that slim cuts and ankle pants would take off for men, but they did anyway.

For the bolder male, the idea of printed pants in graphic colors is not alien. Brands that are so inclined can experiment with comic book prints and the color of aged paper. We also saw the men’s palazzo make a comeback with an athleisure twist, so go bold with the bottom wear! 

3. Outerwear

Key takeaways:
Blends, Statement, Denim

It isn’t just the women digging denim this time around. Sporty jackets for men are a big trend, and how! For a change, these jackets are being paired with lighter colors and a look that accentuates the jacket itself. So go for those embellishments with confidence.

Speakingof accentuating the outerwear, we love how men around the world used their jackets to express their style truly. Be it toning down the flamboyance with a blazer, using a bomber jacket to brighten up the outfit, or even a statement jacket so reminiscent of 8-bit gaming, the coats are here to take the world by storm. Design them in all lengths, cuts, and material, because they’re going to be selling like hotcakes very soon.

4. Accessories

Key Takeaways:
Sneakers, outdoor, black

Well, the converse isn’t going out of business anytime soon. If you’re designing shoes to go with your collection, it is worth exploring at least one option that resembles a sneaker. We also saw quite a few black boots going around, in a throwback to the blue-collar workers of the industrial era.

One common theme is hard to miss- everyone is looking for comfort. With cities in expansion mode, the distances people cover by foot on any given day is a few miles, at least. It makes sense, then, to wear closed toe boots that are made for hitting the footpath. Function over form is the new norm in footwear design. We’d go so far as to offer unisex options that are much more functionaland can attract a broader audience base.

Don’t you just love the men’s streetwear styles? We know we do! Which other trends did you notice on the streets? Tell us in the comments.

Supriya Ghurye is the founder and owner of Fuel4Fashion. She is a Freelance Fashion Designer and Brand Consultant helping fashion brands to create great products from idea to launch. Fuel4Fashion social links: TwitterPinterestInstagram