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In April, we discussed the trend forecast for active wear in SS ’19. In this article, we look at the five major trends in women’s casual wear for the same season, as well as the adaptations that some famous design houses are already working on.

At Fuel4Fashion, we believe that inspiration is the core of all creative development. Our designers post sketches and visuals on Instagram to inspire you to think of the same trend in a whole new light. Once you read this article, head on over there to find out more.

Without further ado, the five design trends.

  1. Bohemian Rhapsody

Design houses are calling this trend ‘the Little House on the Prairie.’ Before we present our views and motifs that feature in this trend, why don’t you grab a piece of paper and jot down all the ideas that come to mind when you read that phrase? You can then use these ideas in your actual design process too. Trend little house on the praire. Trend alert for casual wear Spring Summer 2019

  • Frills and florals: If you think you’ve seen embroidered denim in 2018, you’ve seen nothing yet. Expect bold floral prints, paints and thread work on a blue denim base. Contrasting colors add to the garden experience. Also expect to see paisley prints, gathered hemlines, flowy clothes, and airy silhouettes, all held together with a lovely little corset.
  • The Village Belle: Who lives in the Little House on the Prairie? The girl who is proud of her earthen roots, of course! We’ll be seeing quite a few shirt dresses and maxi skirts in gingham. For those making a subtle statement, plain clothes in muted shades with a single, bold floral motif will be the go-to choice.
  1. The Inner Self

We don’t need articles online to tell us that we’re disconnected from ourselves even as we’re connected to the world the whole time. In this age, what could be more pleasant than using clothing to express ourselves, to ourselves?Enhanced Reality SS'19 trend for women's casual wear

  • Color-moods: Color influences our mood, and certain shades evoke some precise responses in us. Think psychedelic greens and colors of the orchid. Purple and lavender express our inner creativity, while green reminds us to take it slow. A pop of red teaches us to be bold, even as black and white tone us down.
  • Satin and sequins: The best way to emphasize color is to use material that makes the color pop. Satin is the fabric of choice for this trend, as it looks different based on where the light falls. Sequins, too, are great for bouncing light off to create varying effects.
  1. New Nautical

What is summer without a cruise? Nautical themes take on a new spin, ditching the plain polos and the breezy kaftans. Instead, we have bold stripes, suggestive shimmer and a whole lot of fun.  A new Ordinary SS'19 trend for women's casual wear

  • Drama mama: Modern art comes to clothing, with interpretations of famous paintings, sketch portraits and bold flowers making an appearance on clothes. Gingham and polka form the perfect base for statement necklines, mock-peplums, off-shoulder gathers and so much more. This trend is literally a blank canvas!
  • Expect the unexpected: Why print hearts on denim when you can cut them out? Why scoop the neckline at the front when you can do a deep-V at the back? Think, and spin that thinking on its head for a whole new perspective.
  1. The Earth Festival

Before the idol worship, before religion, and before time itself, there was the Earth and the sky and everything in between. Go back to the mindfulness of ancient civilizations with this understated trend. This is the perfect trend for those who love to blend into something bigger than themselves. A Simple life SS'19 trend for women's casual wear

  • Pottery and ceramics: Many of the colors in this trend are reminiscent of cooking in clay pots, serving in ceramic bowls and eating on a roughhewn mattress. Think small floral prints for borders and white lace for a touch of the feminine.
  • Prints and plains: Team up an elaborate, loose shirt in floral prints with a plain jumper. Add white lace to that plain brown dress. Even better, make a smock from a cutwork piece of cloth. It is all about worshipping balance.
  1. Simple Bare Necessities

There’s something beautiful about the basics. Isn’t this why MUJI’s products do so well? This trend highlights the beauty of letting oneself shine, through the muted colors that expose our spirit.Legging Go SS'19 trend for women's casual wear

  • Geometry: Geometrical prints scale down to become borders and embellishments, even as plain blacks, blues, and whites stand out. Togas and Grecian cuts are in again, as are simple decorations like the ones we’d expect to see on Mysore silk weaves.
  • A world meets itself: Zari makes its way to a co-ord set, even as t-shorts evolve into dresses and jackets taken on a whole new, urban metallic meaning. The basics are meant for the confident woman who knows how to shine in spite of distractions.

What inspiration are you drawing from these ideas right now? Share with us in the comments below.

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