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I had done a post on the Little Black Dress a while back, and I thought this would be just the right time to take a look at it again. February is here, and with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, all the ladies are just waiting to get jazzed up for that special night with their loved ones. This is one evening that you want to look PERFECT, and since it’s a Saturday night this time round, get ready for some serious competition from all the other pretty women around. All the popular hotspots are going to be brimming with beautiful ladies, and if you want to stand out, it’s going to take some preparation!

To help you choose what to wear, Daily Look has put together their best choices for the Little Black Dress The LBD forms the base of your look for the evening, and I’ve put together a couple of outfits – accessories and all – that I think will make your beau have eyes only for you the entire evening! Depending on your taste, pick which one of the two best suits you, and have a wonderful time with your special someone.Fuel4Fashion blog Little Black Dress ensemble for Valentine's day THE LOOK: The classy stylish you wants to be sure of creating an impression, and this outfit is designed to do just that. This pleated LBD with lace all over, extending to the sleeves and a high neckline highlights your face and arms to their best. The gold Arab style necklace, ring and bracelet, complemented with gold rod earrings and a vintage gold hair comb proclaim you the Queen of your beloved’s heart. Paired with a brown leather purse and high heeled animal print slippers, this look is definitely a winner!

THE WISHLIST: Those of you aiming for a younger, flirtier and more daring look can opt for this second outfit, especially if you want to attract some jealous attention! A bare shoulders sleeveless spaghetti straps LBD with a pleated fringe creates a layered classy look that will have your loved one looking at you in a new light. Pair this with black stone-studded platinum/white gold based jewelry, like this choker necklace, bracelet and danglers. A studded watch and black and white chain purse, paired with sparkling stiletto sandals completes the ensemble and will definitely classify you as a head-turner.

I loved both these looks, and if the evening program calls for a romantic, intimate candlelight dinner, I would go for the former. But if it’s a night out on the town, the second look is definitely what I would opt for. So have fun, and enjoy your special evening!

Supriya Ghurye is the founder and owner of Fuel4Fashion, the freelance fashion design studio for multiple product designing in apparels that caters to start-up fashion labels and growing fashion brands with a diverse portfolio of design services. She is a member of the Cherie Blair Foundation’s Women Entrepreneurship Program and has over a decade of fashion industry experience with international labels and start-ups.