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As the month of September arrives, so does the time for Fashion Week held at the capitals of Fashion. The month of September brings the Ready-To-Wear collection for Spring/Summer 2015 outlining the forecasted trends, styles, colors and fabrics; everything a fashion conscious person adores.

As the fashion week moved from New York to London, there were various trends and styles that differed and provided us with something entirely new in both the cities.

Floral Psych:

Freelance fashion designer , Fashion design studio , NYFW, LFW– Photo Credits: http://goo.gl/GYLjlJ, http://goo.gl/fAMHlT, http://goo.gl/GNIXeU, http://goo.gl/DZ5sjU

New York Fashion Week saw a lot of floral prints among the collections presented by the designers in various sizes and forms that brought every woman to her knees. Some flaunted the prints concentrating on the elegance and grace it provides while others brought the sparkling girl’s eyes in their garments.

London Fashion Week on the other hand, brought together their collection from the 70s, the psychedelic prints from the hippies crowd. This Peter Pilotto print for example, reminds us of the era of rock n roll and freedom where the prints spoke the frame of mind.

Black and White…

Freelance fashion designer , Fashion design studio , NYFW, LFW– Photo Credits: http://goo.gl/mBIsSf, http://goo.gl/e17tiH, http://goo.gl/14vY36, http://goo.gl/C64u8m

The New York Fashion Week brought black and white combinations back in fashion with silhouettes and designs that would inspire others. Alice and Olivia brought together their elegant collection with the silhouettes that were inspired from feminism and classiness of Victorian women.

The London Fashion Week created a color blocking effect combined with the shapely subtlety that comes with the black territory. Emilio de la Morena’s interpretation of the color black to the feminine shape is shown aptly in his collection that gives the perfect amount of sexiness and elegance.


Freelance fashion designer , Fashion design studio , NYFW, LFW– Photo Credits: http://goo.gl/v2ZL6F, http://goo.gl/xMSsIi, http://goo.gl/9qAinM, http://goo.gl/Q8RlO4

The New York Fashion Week worked on the sheer fabrics that were presented in varying densities. Betsey Johnson used these fabrics to create a Gothic- rough outfit that was very Out-there as compared to the garment produced by Rebecca Taylor who went in for a more subtle undertone.

The London Fashion Week chose to show off the other fabrics like lace and knitwear in its collections. Knitwear produced a casual effect with a metallic jacket in the McQ Alexander McQueen’s collection whereas the lace, provided a graceful feminine look.

There were many similarities between New York Fashion Week and the London Fashion Week with the play of colors and styles. A lot of techniques, fabrics, colours, silhouettes etc. were seen, which are always present in both the fashion shows. While the upcoming fashion designers in the US and UK set a pattern for next year’s collections, it will be interesting to see what the big names of Milan and Paris come up with for their interpretations for next year.