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Love wearing stuff you’ve created yourself? There are hundreds of posts out there dedicated to making your own fashion design – from old tees, shirts, skirts and more. DIY (Do-It-Yourself) fashion can be an interesting and inexpensive way to apply your creative skills and create some new and interesting clothes and accessories.

So why not create an ensemble entirely made up of your DIY creative skills? We’ve already showcased DIY fashion post in the past, and thought we’d put one up for you again, from the hundreds of examples we’ve come across. You’ll need a few hours, some glue, paints or markers, and a small amount of bling to create:

  1. A Top (any t-shirt)
  2. A pair of jeans (always a favorite!)
  3. A pair of shoes (any serviceable pair)
  4. A purse/clutch
  5. A belt
  6. A headband

DIY fashion 2












So here goes!

  1. The Top

Blouse 2

I loved this Lattice T-shirt design by Wobisobi. It’s simple to make, requires just a few cuts and studs to turn an ordinary boring tee into a glamorous top – no sewing needed. And it can be done in just twenty minutes!

  1. Jeans

bottom front

Tired of your old pair of jeans? Dip the lower portion – a few inches will do – in watered down bleach for a couple of hours (more if they’re dark), wash and let them dry completely. Then use fabric paint or permanent markers to create your choice of designs, like mintedstrawberry did. The bleach and washing might take half a day, but the designs are up to you, so an hour should do it! Bleach and color markers are the only tools needed!

  1. Shoes


Spice up your old shoes with a little lace or studs like ispydiy – all you need is a glue gun and sufficient braid. Be sure to let the glue dry completely before you wear them though. Time required – 20 minutes.

  1. Purse/Clutch

clutch 1

No ensemble is complete without a clutch, and we love this cute neon number by SurpriseDIY. This one requires a bit of effort as you’ll have to stitch the pieces together, but it requires straight stitches and should be easy to do. A little arty press stud or vintage button completes the bag. If you’re inclined, you can add a thin leather strap through button holes in the side as well and sling it over your shoulder. A couple of hours of effort – but the result is worth it!

  1. Belt


Grab a decent length of canvas/cotton rope, slide a few beads from each side, knot up the ends and voila – a funky belt to go with your top and jeans! You’ll need no more than a few minutes for this, and the beads need to be the right size, like the ones transientexpression has used. If you’re inclined, dye the rope in fabric dye, but be sure to dry it well and wash thoroughly before use – you don’t want rope-marks on that funky top!

  1. Headband

headband f

Create this funky leather headband from pieces of scrap leather and a vintage button, like missikrissie’s done. All you need is a plain old headband, some glue and leather scraps. You can create your own shapes and designs to turn heads your way with this funky headpiece.

Loved this piece? Do write in to us with your ideas and creations!

Supriya Ghurye is the founder and owner of Fuel4Fashion, the first virtual design studio that caters to new and upcoming fashion design labels with a diverse portfolio of design services. She is a member of the Cherie Blair Foundation’s Women Entrepreneurship Program and has over a decade of fashion industry experience with international labels and start-ups.