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Mismatching tops with skirts are old school, nowadays people are getting more and more creative with their needs. To make sure that a red purse looks ravishing with a sooth black dress one can use a little imagination and add colorful stones at the hem of the black dress. It’s due to these ideas that Do-It-Yourself trends are gaining popularity and also due to economic factors like re-usability and novelty but the prime factor is that it encourages wardrobe revamping.


Image courtesy: http://goo.gl/ZA9tJM
Revamping plain heels

For young people D-I-Y projects come to the rescue. They would clutch their glue and scissors, then look for inspiration on the internet.  The age group that is driven towards these projects are the young college students who find it hard to keep up with the changing patterns. In these projects people can update old clothing through simple tools and can change their total avatar with these alterations. For most of the people, love for D-I-Y starts when they see how creative the old clothes look, once they are transformed. To change the look of the old worn out jeans at the knee, grab a pair a scissors and rip off the other knee in the similar manner, thus starting a trend. Within one hour the new jeans has gone through the hell and back and later that can become the wearer’s signature outfit.


Image courtesy: http://goo.gl/PJlDCw
Upscaling a table cloth

The term coined for this is upcycling and it’s not only about saving money, it’s also about getting the satisfaction that one can have from wearing their own designs. This feel good is worth a lot more than the money saved. It’s about those skill set that one acquires while designing.


Image courtesy: http://goo.gl/73IKR5
Drape from a boring shirt

These methods have gained a lot of popularity in the recent times thanks to buddy internet and YouTube. They originated in the 70’s, in the era of punk rebellion when opposite to the mainstream culture, the pop bands would wear shredded jeans and holed tee-shirts. The intent was to be classified as new and different, more like rebel, and with it stirred the love for DIY amidst young crowd.


Image Courtesy: http://goo.gl/z9hJta
Punk in 70’s, DIY in its cradle

Do you think that D-I-Y clothes are creating more fashion awareness amongst people or are it just like other trends that pass without leaving any mark?