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Earlier fashion was for thin people. The clothes were typically designed and the models wearing them would be thin and lean. The image that was rampant would work only for zero sized models and that would encourage less-eating, unhealthy lifestyle.  However with the changing times plus-sized clothing took over the market and it felt like they are here from eternity.


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Increasing choices are the need of the day

Every designer in the market is looking for plus sized models, like Marc Jacobs who is tweeting about his new plus-sized collection, and he is adding the big size dresses on the showcase instead of hiding them. Also Marks & Spenser is launching its plus size collection so that it can attract all type of clients. It has been found that 60 percent of American women are identified as plus. In a similar poll which includes 1,000 women from sizes 14 and up found that 28 percent prefer calling them ‘curvy’ and 25 percent would like to called ‘full figured’ then plus sized. To replace this suggesting term plus size some also suggested “normal”, “average”, and “beautiful”.


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Gloriously plus size

The way the market is bringing the plus size from the background, it is also encouraging eating habits. Mintel, an international market researcher said that traditionally when women gain weight, they tend to shop less but with the market’s obsession with the plus size the shopping trends are increasing. Earlier the plus size market consists of baggy, dowdy cloths that carry zero fashion. Curvy girls like Christina Hendricks  want to hide their real size so these shapeless clothes do no good to their needs.


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Why hide when you can now flaunt your curves

The boom experienced in the plus sized market is due to the fact that the designers and fashion brands have now analyzed the need for offering stylish clothes for this untapped segment of the market. This is benefiting the aging population as well.


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Good designs!

What do you think? Is this change good or is it giving thumbs up to the bad eating habits which is generally believed to be the reasons behind obesity? Tell me in the comments section