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Fashion had always seen its morning in Paris and evening in Milan. Between these two fashion centrals “The New fashion Destinations – North America has emerged. North America might sounds new today among Paris, Milan and New York but it has not been a newbie always. North America was introduced to fashion when English settlers came to settle in there. At the same time the ‘new people’ adopted many Native American dresses and since then innovations continued with the dressing sense. And with the changing times, nineteenth century saw revolutions in apparel designs. With the change in attitude, the designers started digging inside the native traditions of America, Africa, and India etc to blaze the ramp.


Beautiful dresses by the natives of North America
Image courtesy: http://goo.gl/q8Igrr

The native patterns of the North American are now very wisely used by the fashion designers all over the world. Vibrancy and colors are always welcomed on the ramp and so were these new designs.


Beautiful dress designed with the native patterns and prints.
Image courtesy: http://goo.gl/AwtFT8

Innovation bloomed and people started experimenting with the patterns. In this process while some got criticized others were widely appreciated due to the smell of freshness in these designs. Through renovations we have come across many new designers who have created a mark due to the change in the typical type set designs


Mixing both ends of fashion
Image courtesy: http://goo.gl/Y0Zirr

Earlier designers were digging with creativity to search for new designs but now native North America is the new Mecca. From controversy to style, there is nothing that is stopping the designers to bring in more native trends to their palette.


Victoria’s secret model
Image courtesy: http://goo.gl/LQgMqr


Little creativity can do wonders!
Image Courtesy: http://goo.gl/iXOCwZ

 What do you think about this dough of North and South America?