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In the previous posts, Part 1 & Part 2,  we talked about the development of Indian fashion world, in this last and final post of the series we will let you all know how the fashion industry of India evolved internationally. The ethnic appeal of the Indian traditional prints are alluring customers from all over the globe. To include the wider audiences designers are putting in a lot of effort.


Grace at its best!
Image courtesy:http://goo.gl/WkCtNv

The use of style and embroidery is very smart in the above charming attire.  To join two globally separated audiences, designers have to look for inspiration. The traditional prints are added to create pleasing effects on variety of dresses.


Old prints used modernly
Image Courtesy:http://goo.gl/IkV1Gf

The traditional work of laces and zari can do wonders. The different types of embroideries in India also change the face of any sober costume.  India practically is a warehouse of patterns and design which give immense opportunity to its designers to experiment.


Beautiful embroiders to revolutionize fashion
Image Courtesy: http://goo.gl/mbjex7

With the increasing trend of use of brighter colors in designs, Indian designers are trying to be more functional and bring in more folk and native embroideries together. The fabrics have also diversified giving more way to the Indian hand loom industry to grow. Handmade fabrics like wool and silk have a very charming appeal on the dresses. The unique thing about Indian fashion industry is that we don’t have to limit our self to use light shades of colors.  The traditional prints in India are usually bright-colored as they prefer to create a bold statement, boldly. For that reason designers have their palate full of colors.


Beautiful zarodozi work on the border
Image courtesy:http://goo.gl/DhgQjA

Indian fashion industry has come a long way from being a demand manufacturing unit. New designers are setting the ramp on fire with their dazzling works. The audiences also love to experiment with the creative collections.  From my previous blogs, Part 1 &  Part 2, one can say that the Indian fashion world  have changed totally upside down but at its core it remains the same as earlier, being bold boldly.

Do you admire any famous Indian personalities for their sense of fashion? Let me know in the comments section.