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The modern era brought together two of the big industries together, fashion and e-commerce.  The merger industry thus formed have broken all prejudices of being two opposite side of the coin and become partners in the looming fashion industry. E-commerce was once known to just be an advertising material for the retails store but now it’s increasing into more of an independent fashion hub. In such a shorter period of time, e-commerce has become an important part in retailing and people were seen buying more from the internet then from the shops.


Buy from home! In a snap… Image courtesy: http://goo.gl/VM0yPj

Since the internet gives people so much empowerment over the long check-out counter queues that people feel much eased in buying from the website. Examples of Fashion and e-commerce industry clubbing can be seen in e-tailers, which has been also been a boon to the retail world since the site only has to pay for the website domain and not for the entire shopping complex and the staff required. This way they tend to have huge marginalized profits.


Merging big business. Image courtesy: http://goo.gl/mF5Z6h

This online network of Fashion and e-commerce industry is now entering into big mergers and acquisitions every day to outsource its goods. Recently, from Business of Fashion’s team Imran Amed partnered with Bill Amberg of London accessories. Also customer favorite eBay collaborated with famous fashion designer Derek Lam to get to the next level of Fashion and e-commerce industry retail.


Increasing consumer base with e-commerce. Image courtesy: http://goo.gl/6Ju1uN

So what do you think about the changed state of Fashion and e-commerce industry? Do you think that their merge is actually a boon to the world or was it better earlier when shopping used to be a family excursion?