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Beautiful home furnishing is the next step after buying the dream house. Huge experience and innovation is required to give your home the classic touch. Earlier the trend was to use black and white prints but now dull shades are out of the color catalogue for most people. There are many new ways to do a beautiful home furnishing which has resulted in the evolvement of the trends. Traditional hand-weaved of Indian prints are used as an advantage to create a complimenting effects to the household.

Creating appeal traditionally

Creating appeal traditionally. Image courtesy : http://goo.gl/hclNqm

There has been a mass shift of trend that can be seen with time for a beautiful home furnishing. More dramatic patterns and shade are used across the globe in every home. Among various items cushion covers, sofa covers bed sheet designs, drapes and curtains are the all-time favorite of all times.

Color adding patterns!

Color adding patterns! Image courtesy : http://goo.gl/oiCxoN

Traditional stitches used wisely. Image courtesy : http://goo.gl/WEGrul

Also there has been an uptrend of using rug patterned themes for a beautiful home furnishing. High fashion shows in 2014 was filled with lot of rug themes which were very much appreciated. Also many patterns and themes can me weaved on the frame and hanged on the walls. They give symmetry to the place and an inspiration touch to the walls.

Beautiful Rug Patterns

Beautiful Rug Patterns. Image courtesy : http://goo.gl/WGH74g

To do a beautiful home furnishing one should always pick long lasting and cost effective prints which do not wash away with daily use. Mixing shades is again a good idea to give a blush to your home. Also one can experiment with the space available. Add a little theme here and there to cover up the empty walls and last but not the least, light up the place with different lights and chandeliers.

Beautiful home furnishing requires an inquisitive and innovative mind and above all one needs to have an insight to do experiments. How would you like to add magic to your house? Tell me in the comments section.