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The Pantone Color for 2014 has already been revealed. The winning shade which is purple-pink is called Radiant Orchid. In contrast to the green colored hue-Emerald which was crowned the color of 2013, Radiant Orchid is benign and carries the wintry allure. The color is heavy on the purple shade and Pantone is confident that it will dress-up men and women beautifully this year.


Radiant Orchid- Flavor of 2014.  Image courtesy: http://goo.gl/sy0orr

Radiant Orchid-the winning shade is a breeze mix of purple and pink and has the mellow as well as the brassy look. Orchids are world-wide loved flowers and so we hope will be this color as well. This shade has the chicanery and is likely to blend in soon. Though it’s not new color to see, but we will see more of it now. This color was already famous  being worn by the first family in 2013 on the Inauguration Day function, and the color obsession continues with mommy Obama,the first lady of U.S


Perfect blend of young and old.  Image courtesy: http://goo.gl/hp5mzE

Radiant Orchid-the winning shade can shine very beautifully on the walls or on the color catalogue but will look better if it is used in a combination rather than being worn alone. Take tips from the first family of US that how they, very intelligently used Radiant Orchid-the winning shade to create the vibrancy.


Recreate warmness with Radiant Orchid. Image Courtesy:  http://goo.gl/SqHRxZ

As this color is not a sassy one like our beloved Emerald  so it can be used to create the dramatic look. Since Radiant Orchid-the winning shade has generated the buzz and it’s the new talk of the town so how can we not think about painting our face with this color? Check out the options that you have with Radiant Orchid.

SO what do you think? This color is hot or not?