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Continuing to evoke the nostalgia of yesteryear as discussed in Part 1, let us alight from the time machine into the 80’s and catch a vivid glimpse of what made the fashion quotient from 1980 to 2010.

Eight fashion trends of 1980’s: jelly bracelets, jelly shoesneon clothingleg warmers, shoulder pads, and Guess jeans, back polka dots, Preppie clothes and wedges.

1980’s Women’s Fashion – Short dresses and miniskirts paired jelly bracelets, neon colors, sneakers.
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1980’s Men’s Fashion .
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While girls tried to be Madonna by stepping into glittery PVC jelly shoes with off shoulder tops paired with lycra fabricated frilly knitted mini skirts and leggings on, adorned with big pendant necklace, danglers and fingerless gloves , boys donned a rock star look like Michael Jackson with acid washed skinny Guess jeans, jean jackets and t-shirt accessorized by Ray ban wayfarer sunglasses.

Women asserted their power with oversized jackets with shoulder pads, rolled up sleeves walking high in wedges. Oversized tops with Stretch-Stirrup Pants fascinated the younger crowd. 1980’s was infused with bright colors which gradually faded to more subtle colors in the 1990’s.


1980’s Women’s Fashion – Over sized jackets & shoulder pads.
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Baggy or parachute pants of 80’s set the ball rolling for hammer pants of 90’s.

90’s saw youth with hypercolor t-shirt equipped with its color changing thermal technology pairing it with colored denims and reebok’s shoe pumping technology with slap bands on their wrist. Grunge and heavy metal look shrouded the youth who slipped metal chain accessorized wallets in their pockets. Mid 90’s overalls, scrunchies, skorts , nylon tracksuits haunted every girl’s wardrobe.

1990’s Fashion – denims.
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1990’s Fashion.
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1990’s fashion – knee length pencil skirts and semi formal dresses
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Coming out of the fond memoirs of 20th century, lets step up to the start of this century which had an amalgamation of 1960s Mod ,1970s garage rock and contemporary alternative fashion .

Color palette for this decade was painted with tints of tealcobalt bluepink and neon yellow that were mellowed in  t-shirts and jackets, along with skinny jeans .

Vintage clothing saw use of garments with fabric scraps and remodeling new garments from old clothes.

Hipster fashion inspired braces, newsboy caps, hoodies became the favorite outfit of each teenager while Western shirtsbow ties, narrow neck ties, v-neck t-shirts, mismatched brightly colored socks, skinny jeanspaisley or geometric print shirts accessorized by retro eyewear.

2000’s Fashion celebrities in their skinny jeans
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2000’s Fashion – Paisley
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2000’s Fashion : Boho chic fashion .
Image courtesy : http://goo.gl/1Yr4Vp

Attire of females included , job skirts, 3/4 length sleeved shirts, pencil skirtsjean skirts, floral skirts with opaque tights, footless tights, dresses and Peter collared tops worn with belts, striped or polka dot cotton shorts and skinny jeans

2000’s Fashion.
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2000’s Women’s Fashion full of colors…
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With this, let us wrap up this blog post, expecting you to revisit our site to peep into the future of clothing that will very soon change your wardrobe. So stay tuned.