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Welcome fashion aspirants and industry watchers to the Fuel4Fashion blog. Fuel4Fashion as an entity is nearly four years old, but my fashion industry journey began over a decade ago. In the period, the experiences and opportunities that came my way have helped shape Fuel4Fashion into the independent fashion design entity that it is today. The journey ahead is in many ways more exciting and challenging, and this blog will help me document the way Fuel4Fashion evolves within the international fashion design ecology.

Starting with a single client in November 2009, Fuel4Fashion today caters to an increasing number of clients looking for a freelance fashion designer and fashion industry consulting and advice. Clients span a number of segments from mainstream casualwear for men and women to active sportswear, maternity clothing and even ethnic designs with contemporary flavours from across the world. All these inputs have helped shape design thinking and the design process at Fuel4Fashion. In the coming posts, I will try to document the journey of fashion from the past unto the future and how it evolves as time goes by.

It is my ardent wish that the thoughts and ideas that guide my fashion thinking be of use to all of you in expanding your knowledge of this uniquely creative world. We begin with a brief history of fashion starting from the 1920s and going forward into the future. So do keep an eye out for the next post. Cheers!